MemberXG, the secure, web-based, mobile-responsive member portal from Bridgeway, lets your members and their dependents access benefit information and send info to the fund office 24/7 from anywhere, using any internet-connected device – including their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Optional add-ons let users elect benefits options in online enrollment, run personal pension projections, make online COBRA or other payments, download electronic EOBs, submit applications and forms, and more – and in their choice of English or Spanish. Not only does this make members happy, it frees your team from handling many routine inquiries, reduces paperwork and improves workflow. MemberXG offers a robust set of standard and optional capabilities that dramatically improve both member service and fund office efficiency. Customize your portal with the features you need most, including these popular new options….

Integrating MemberXG with FundOfficeXG, makes it easy for your fund office to accept self-pay, COBRA and other payments from members online 24/7. Members can view what they owe and pay online using their credit card or bank account.

Pension Projection Tool
Help members plan for retirement by estimating their future pension benefit, comparing scenarios based on their projected retirement date, age, pension type and future work options. Their projection results are tracked in their account at the fund office, so if they call with a follow-up question your customer service team can quickly access and explain what the member is seeing.

Online Enrollment/Applications
Members can view and modify benefit enrollment elections and beneficiary information online via MemberXG. Boost timely open enrollment participation and make submitting qualified life change events easier than ever.

Enhanced Document Center
Go paperless! Securely display participant-specific documents, including electronic EOBs, that members and their dependents can view, download and print on demand. Online forms can be completed, e-signed, and submitted, and members can upload supporting documents like birth/marriage certificates through MemberXG.

Multilingual Access
Enrich your customer service for non-English-speaking participants by adding an option to view the MemberXG portal in Spanish.

Fund Office Access
Give your customer service staff access to exactly what the member sees in MemberXG so they can help callers navigate and use the portal, answer member questions, and review documents and payments.