EmployerXG, the BASYS Platform employer self-service web portal from Bridgeway lets employers submit reports and remittances online, easily and securely, when it’s most convenient for them.

With EmployerXG, you can offer employers greater control over when to process payments, resulting in major operational efficiencies for the fund office, greater accuracy in contributions processing, a reduction in administrative tasks and more timely exchange of critical eligibility information.

Flexible, user-configured settings

The fund office controls who is authorized to access the EmployerXG portal. System-generated invitation codes are sent to primary employer contacts YOU designate. Once the invited primary contact signs on, they can add other users, with no additional administrative burden for you.

Remittance information on EmployerXG is fully synchronized with enhanced Contributions features, including multiple frequency options, holiday calendars and member rate exception rules. Flexible configuration options allow you to add logos, policies and information links and set display preferences, payment methods, partial match employee handling and more. Bridgeway provides common best practice default configurations at implementation, then YOU control and adjust settings at the system level and group level – as often as you need to – to reflect fund-specific policies and changing plan rules.

Secure and available 24/7

EmployerXG is hosted in the Bridgeway SOC 2 Type II data center, providing industry-best security and availability, so employers can confidently access the system anytime from any secure web browser. With real-time synchronization with your BASYS Platform Contributions system, employers can instantly see what they owe and when it’s due, based on the CBA in effect for the work period they’re reporting, and pay online using check or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Built for Employer Flexibility

Employers can enter remittance data on the EmployerXG portal using a variety of standard methods   ̶  upload a payroll file, copy a prior report or start from scratch. Employers also can update company information online, from demographics and bank account info to contacts and portal user account profiles.

The portal is built with smart continuity features, so if the connection is interrupted, there is no loss of data. Using spreadsheet-style data entry allows for easy, intuitive entry of employee data, and a “save-as-you-go” feature lets employers begin a remittance and return later to finish it at their convenience. Data entry errors such as missing required information or incorrect employee IDs are immediately detected and visually flagged for easy correction.

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  • Highly intuitive user interface can be customized with your logo, sign-up and user instructions, privacy policy and customer-specific benefits and features.

  • For employers who remit to multiple groups, EmployerXG can be tailored for each group’s unique remittance entry process.
  • Pay multiple remittances at once with the enhanced shopping cart payment processes. 

  • Payments can be made by check and EFT, with the added ability to track other payment options such as wire transfers.

  • Damage amounts calculate automatically based on defined plan rules and the process date the employer enters.

  • Save-as-you-go feature lets employers begin a remittance and return later to finish it if interrupted.

  • Data entry errors are immediately detected and flagged for prompt correction.