With ransomware attacks and data breaches on the rise and more employees than ever working outside your office firewall, this is a critical time for taking a closer look at your data security policies and technology. At the same time, rapid changes in the regulatory environment can put you at risk of paying a hefty fine for non-compliance on key DOL rules.

If you’re not certain your current technology vendor is up to the task of keeping you secure and compliant, basys can help. With more than 40 years in the multiemployer market and Taft-Hartley’s first SOC 2 Type II certified data center, we know what it takes to protect your members, your data and your ability to keep benefits flowing. That’s why customers ranked basys #1 among Info-Tech Research Group’s 2021 Benefits Administration vendors.

For more ideas on staying secure and compliant, click on the images below to download 2021 Security & Compliance Essentials for Multiemployer Benefit Plans and Protect Your Members: Data Security Best Practices for Benefits Administrators.

Basys is ranked #1 by benefits administrators for security and regulatory compliance. We work proactively to keep our customers’ systems and data protected, available and private. Learn more here.

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