• Create and send individual letters or batch mailings with just a few clicks.
  • Comes with a best-practice library of the most common Fund Office letters and documents, already mapped to specific fields in your BASYS Platform system.

  • Eliminates manual processes like mail merge and dramatically boosts accuracy.
  • Customize documents with your fund’s logo, contact info and other specific information.
  • Design and store new templates and documents.

Keeping members, dependents and employers informed and supplied with vital documents is an important priority– and often a legal requirement – for fund offices and TPAs. With WriterXG, Bridgeway customers can generate, preview, edit and send letters, forms, invoices and other documents to anyone, quickly, consistently and efficiently.

Instantly generate and send documents on-demand

WriterXG integrates with your BASYS Platform system, populating letters, statements and forms with account-specific data, allowing you to quickly and efficiently create personalized documents for a single member or for thousands of participants or employers. Tailor your documents for different communications needs by adding comments, images, notes, or other information specific to the situation.  

Start with a library of best practice templates

WriterXG comes with a library of best practice templates for many common fund office forms and letters, such as COBRA offering, pre-determination letter, pend and delinquency letters. You can easily customize them with your logo, contact info and formatting so that recipients instantly recognize that the documents they’re receiving are from you – an organization they trust.

You can use the Bridgeway-provided starter templates to customize your own forms, letters, invoices or statements. You design your preferred layout, add text, then choose which data fields you want from the member, dependent or employer data elements that are provided with WriterXG. You can preview changes and edit your document, giving you control over the final output. And you can save your custom templates into your library to use again when you need them.

Flexible delivery, archiving and access

Deliver a single document at a time, or use batch processing to send letters or forms to many recipients. Forms can be delivered via email or printed for postal delivery, and you can send them immediately or store them for future use as needed. If your BASYS Platform system is integrated with an ECM system, you can archive all communications in your document repository, where they are automatically associated with the correct member, dependent or employer Correspondence record, so your member service team has all outgoing documents readily available for easy reference.

With WriterXG, you can improve document accuracy, communicate with a clean, professional look and dramatically improve member service.

Go paperless

When integrated with MemberXG from Bridgeway, WriterXG opens the future to a paperless option for fund communications with your members, enabling big savings for your fund office on postage and time spent managing mailings.