Control your system for minimized risk and reduced costs

Make your system work for your unique operational goals with user-configurable parameters

The secret to flexible, efficient and cost-effective Bridgeway solutions? Our proprietary software protocol keeps the calculation engine code isolated from customizations – your unique settings hook into the core code via Application Program Interfaces (APIs). So, system-wide new releases, regulatory adjustments and other changes can be quickly and painlessly deployed without rewriting your whole system. And changes to your specific plan rules, benefit tables, member policies and administrative processes are managed through user-configurable parameters. That means you save time, reduce cost and risks, and gain unmatched control.

Would you benefit from more time?

Automate routine processes and free up time to focus on what matters.

Make it Automatic


  • Automatically retrieve, load and export secure HIPAA 5010 files on a schedule you control, with no operator intervention needed
  • Strong transaction validation platform lets you stay compliant with ACA Electronic File Transfer, Electronic Remittance Advice and new regulations
  • Quickly onboard new Trading Partners with a Validation Service and Trading Partner community with 80+ partners

Keep Work Flowing


  • Electronically route jobs to the right staff, reducing paper flow and inefficiency
  • Keep projects flowing even when working from home
  • Bundle similar tasks in batches and automatically distribute based on workflow rules and load balancing you control
  • Easily define exceptions, escalations and archival of completed tasks
  • Seamlessly integrates with all BASYS Platform applications and your ECM system

Be Ready for What’s Next


  • Scalable, extensible basys system tools are built to enable additional back office automation
  • Meets ACA, HiTECH, ERISA and other requirements, with flexibility to adjust to a changing regulatory landscape
  • Makes it easier for resource-challenged offices to accomplish more
  • Reduces errors, eliminates lost paperwork and helps you measure and improve productivity and accountability


Bridgeway is enhanced by integration with our excellent vendor partners, whose products and services benefit our customers, saving them money and improving their results.


Reporting for Work

Making sound decisions to operate your benefits plan at maximum efficiency requires reliable, easily accessible information. The BASYS Platform analytics and decision-support tool, InsightXG, unlocks the power of your data and gives users simple, flexible and fast access to real-time reports via an intuitive, browser-based interactive dashboard. InsightXG features:

  • Extensive report management capabilities, including tagging, search and archiving.
  • Schedule reports to run and be distributed automatically, or create on-demand snapshots of any of the information in your BASYS Platform system for instant analysis.
  • Choose a template from the extensive report library to customize, or design your own with information drilldowns, interactive sorting and grouping, dynamic analytics and database aggregate analysis.
  • Incorporate charts, graphs and other visual tools to help users quickly identify trends and critical data points.
  • Comprehensive user and group security protocols let you control who accesses your information.

Eliminate delays and waiting to sort and collect data – InsightXG unlocks the power of your data instantly. Ask for a demo to learn more.