FundOfficeXG on Bridgeway’s BASYS Platform can dramatically increase your benefits administration efficiency by tracking every aspect of your contributions accounting and eligibility operations. The versatile and powerful FundOfficeXG administration suite, coupled with convenient online self-service portals, provides everything you need to manage, track and calculate eligibility and employer contributions. 

FundOfficeXG includes a wide range of enhanced processing features, giving you an end-to-end solution for managing both remittance and collection of benefit contributions and eligibility for your members and their families – all built on our secure, time-tested calculation engine with highly configurable parameters YOU control.

FundOfficeXG streamlines:

  • Remittance data entry
  • Reconciliation of payments
  • Acceptance of Employer Portal remittance data & payments
  • Creation and distribution of employer remittance forms
  • Receivable calculation and tracking
  • Delinquency & interest calculation and reporting
  • Reciprocity processing
  • COBRA Processing
  • Self-Pay Member Premiums

FundOfficeXG can simplify even the most complicated tasks, including multiemployer health eligibility, hour bank administration, retiree health benefits, premium billing and COBRA processing. It also ensures you’ll be compliant and stay compliant with MSP and ACA regulations. And your BASYS Platform system provides fast, accurate, real-time integration between contributions processing and eligibility calculations.

All essential member information, at your fingertips

With FundOfficeXG you can provide more information to your members more quickly – and in less time for your staff, as they access member information through an intuitive user interface with fast searches and comprehensive views. From one convenient screen, customer service representatives can access all Member demographic info and Dependent and Beneficiary details, document and track incoming and outgoing correspondence and store related documents, see a detailed Contributions history, and determine Eligibility status. Add MemberXG, our secure, mobile-friendly member portal, and your members will be able to view their own information and get routine health claims and retirement details 24/7, without even making a call to the fund office, freeing your team to spend more time with members with more complex cases.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Easier and more efficient remittance entry means fewer keystrokes and less potential for operator errors.

  • More accurate remittance amount-due calculation and greater flexibility in member rate exception rules.

  • Processing speed of delinquency procedure is significantly improved with access to historical delinquency information.

  • Option to remove members from the batch offering screen, eliminating the need to pull offer letters before they are sent.

  • Enhanced employer information to support fund office communication with employers.

  • Easily identify member premium payment history with enhanced Self-Pay features and ePayments.

  • Advanced filters, grouping and sorting to manage Employer Balance Transactions more efficiently.

  • At-a-glance eligibility display for all members and their dependents, with drill-in detail to easily spot breaks in eligibility.